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Fortunately, there was a person who believe in the talent of Taylor. The Madden 23 coins man who helped develop Tannehill and saw the real talent. Sean McVay had found his new wide receivers coach in Los Angeles. The true masterstroke in the hire was identifying future issues on his team. McVay knew that quarterbacks coach Greg Olson was making a brief stop at the Rams and could easily be fired along with offensive coordinator Matt LaFleur and offensive coordinator Matt LaFleur, who were generating praise for his head coach as well. Taylor would be the perfect player to fill in and carry on the development of Jared's Goff.

In only McVay's 2nd season as head coach, and Taylor's very first as quarterbacks coach, Goff was a success and the Rams reached their way to the Super Bowl. The young team wasn't prepared to challenge the Patriots However, the potential of their youthful, offensive-minded approach was paying huge dividends.

The Bengals identified Taylor's talent too and as it was a shock when McVay was hired by Los Angeles, it was an absolute delight to see Cincinnati introduce an QB coach to be his head coach. They didn't wish to remain in the dark, and knowing they required a new quarterback Taylor could develop, stunned everyone in the Madden NFL 23 community.

Now, in three seasons with the Bengals, Zac Taylor is now in the Super Bowl, just as McVay played in the game during his second season. Two organizations took leaps of faith to place these two bright offensive minds in charge of teams that are now in the Super Bowl, but there's no doubt that without McVay throwing Taylor an iceberg, he's not going to be there -and could be striving to establish his credentials at the college level.

The Rams are now in their second attempt to hoist the Lombardi Trophy under McVay. They're the old team looking to take down the promising young team similar to what the Patriots did to them in the year 2018. At the forefront of it there are two very identical coaches who owe many things to each other, and no matter what happens, both seem likely to be dominant in their respective conferences for the next decade.Grade: B+

James Conner re-signs with Cardinals on a three-year agreement worth $21 million.Conner became a crucial component of the Cardinals offense during the course of the season, as he made his two-time Pro Bowl, rushing for 15 touchdowns in the season. Conner was also among the best backs on the market that would have garnered an enormous amount of attention and I'm impressed by the worth Arizona received here.

When you look at Chase Edmonds, who went for $6.4M annually to the Dolphins, Conner's $7M is an absolute bargain even buy madden nfl 23 coins with performance escalators which could push the contract a little higher. This is a great signing that is sure to keep Kyler Murray happy. Love it all around.

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